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We have a large selection of dogs that are looking for their forever home.  Will you be that home for one of them?  We place our companions in homes where our dogs will become part of the family, to love and be loved.  Click HERE to view all of our available companions.

As we are a No-Kill Sanctuary, any animal that we receive into our program is provided a safe, warm, and loving home where they can thrive until they are placed into their new forever home.  We believe that every animal is adoptable. 

Not all of the available companions are located at Mariah's Promise Sanctuary.  Please note the contact information on each of the companion's Bios in order to make arrangements to meet the companion of your choice.

Below are a few of our available companions looking for a new home.  Click HERE to view all of our available companions.
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Mariah’s promise is “ALL THAT WE CAN - WE WILL” for the animals.  We operate as a TRUE no-kill, 501(c)3 not-for-profit rescue & sanctuary.  Mike and I founded Mariah’s Promise in 2003, have been rescuing dogs on our own since 1990.  Now, thankfully, back in the beautiful hill country, and safety, of west Texas. 
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Please visit our "Ways to Help" page for more ways to help the homeless pet community.
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Have you recently adopted? Petfinder and PetFirst are pleased to provide new adopters with an introductory pet insurance offer for just $5 for the first month and $14.95 each month thereafter. This plan provides $1,000 of accident and illness protection for newly adopted dogs and cats. To redeem this special offer, register online within 20 days of your adoption.

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LOVE NEVER FAILS, by Temper Young.
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Singer/Songwriter Temper Young is giving all proceeds
from the sale of his single,
'Love Never Fails' to Mariah's Promise.  The song is
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Mariah's Promise, at
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Our Sanctuary Dogs are our "Resident Lifers".
Due to a variety reasons, these dogs are considered "unadoptable"
so they will live out the rest of their lives here on our Sanctuary.

We are committed to giving these dogs the best life possible, but it costs money to do so.

We are looking for small businesses or individuals that will commit to
1 year of sponsoring one of our dogs on a monthly basis?

For a monthly donation of only $30.00 you will be feeding a Sanctuary Dog of your choice.
Each dog shown below needs your help.

Click on the dogs photo below to read their bio on our website. 
When you have decided on what dog you would like to sponsor, click on the Subscribe Button
under their picture and that will walk you though the subscription process. 
Each of our sponsors will be given credit on that dog's Bio, and if you are a business
we will place your logo and/or website link there too.

This will set you up for an automatic monthly deduction directly from your account.
(This is powered thru PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal Account to sign up).
(You can cancel at any time if you are no longer able to provide the support.)
Pink Needs a Little Help by 2/11
Pink is a rescue dog that has a torn ACL and requires an orthopedic surgery called tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO), which will give her back an active life.  The surgery has a 95% success rate.

The surgery is scheduled on February 11th.

Pink was taken to a shelter in Boerne, TX in November. It appeared she had been hit by a car.  Mariah's Promise Animal Sanctuary took her in last week and is in hopes of rehabilitating her injuries so she can get on with the awesome life she deserves with a new family.

Pink got her name because she is an albino with 'pink' features in the ears and around her eyes.  She  is approximately 12-mos old and EXTREMELY active even with her injury.  She just hikes it up and carries on. 

Pink LOVES the other dogs living at Mariah's Promise, and is great with people. 

We were quoted $2,200 to $2,500 for the surgery and have raised $900 so far via a newsletter. We are asking for a little more for followup care and medication. 
Mariah's Promise currently has thirty two  (32) other dogs to tend and we just don't have the finances to cover the balance of the surgery and aftercare.

We would greatly  appreciate your assistance with raising the rest of the money.

Pink thanks you in advance for your compassion and generosity.  It will be life changing for her.