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Happy Tails
Yahoo !!!  We've been Adopted !!!
"I just wanted to send you a picture of Moses. He is wonderful thank you so much. If I could have one wish it would be for all your puppies to find good homes.   The Wills"

"Ah, yes, I remember now why we do this ... Moses came to us from a rescue in Lamar last Spring, along with three other bully-type dogs when their shelter went on a killing spree.  After having him a year, a man called from Albuquerque after losing his ABD to old age.  He jumped in his car and zoomed up - 5 hours later, Moses was being loaded into Ken's car.  The meeting of the two was like long lost friends!!  Moses looked at him like, where have you been!!?  Having witnessed Moses meeting new people all the time, this was so different.  He sat patiently in the car while we did the 'details', all the while watching the house looking for Ken.  When Ken got in the car, Moses curled up in the passenger seat and gave Ken 'the look' - time to go HOME!!  The smile on Moses face says it all!!!!  Live large, Moses! And keep on smilin'!!! Toni of Mariah's Promise"
As you can see, Wilbur has made himself quite at home! He has also stolen our hearts (as well as a partial loaf of bread we left on the  counter)! He is no longer jumping, and has started dog school at John Isham's K-9 Training Center (thanks for the referral). He already knows a lot, is very curious and eager to please, and learns  amazingly quickly! While he is still very much a puppy and a little too exuberant for Morgan sometimes, the two are starting to become good buddies and play together. I have even taken the two of them out in the Memorial Forest in Divide for a romp. The first time I kept Wilbur on a long leash, but Friday, after we practiced coming when called while on the leash, I let him off for a while and he came at a run every time I called him.

The first week we had our fingers crossed, but now there is no question. He's a keeper! He acts like he's been part of our family forever!

Thanks to Mariah's Promise and 4Paws Rescue for bringing us together! Have a great Thanksgiving!  Linda"
Again thank you guys so much she is wonderful! We have been calling her Holly due to she is a wonderful Christmas gift to us. We have been to 3 pet stores and the dog park and she has had so much fun. At the pet store she fell in love with a red ball and found a pink collar she likes. I promise to send more up dates soon.   God Bless.      
Amanda, Nate and Destiny"
McDog - Mickey D
One cold night in November 2003, Toni was called to McDonald's in Woodland Park to pick up a dog found in the women's restroom after the store closed.  In the wastebasket they discovered this 3.4#, scared, shivering, hairless, toothless older Yorkie.  Unbelievable!!  Toni took him home.  The next day, McDog, as he was named, visited the vet for a check-up.  Tests revealed a thyroid condition, which explained his hairless condition.  When Ray & Janet heard about the plight of McDog, with tears in their eyes, they whisked him away to their home and hearts.  'Mickey D' became a member of their 'pampered pet palace', where Mickey lived a wonderful life for about 8 months until he developed kidney complications and crossed over the bridge.  His last months were ones of such devotion and love, it touched and forever changed many lives!!
Summer of 2004, Kramer, 9-yrs old, was released to a 'no-kill for adoptable animals' shelter because the people planned to travel and didn't want to take him or his 2-yr old lab friend.  The lab was adopted almost immediately, but five days later Kramer was taken in to be euthanised, deemed vicious and un-adoptable.  Some kind hearts ran interference & brought Kramer to Mariah's Promise.  For five months, this loving boy adored everyone, acted half his age playing in the big yard and even tolerated the company of a few dogs.  As 2004 drew to a close, Leonie & Bill came down from Boulder, totally in love with the picture of this gentle giant.  This is how Kramer entered the New Year - safe, warm, comfy and LOVED like never before!!  Kramer's Happy Tails is one we will never forget!! 
Many thanks and hugs to Leonie & Bill!!
I have had two great dogs in my adult life--and both of them gave me 15 years of love, happiness, joy, and companionship. Sending the second one to doggie heaven wasn't any easier than the first. In many ways it was even more difficult, so naturally I hesitated welcoming another pet into my life.  I didn't want to have to go through that again.  But almost a year to the day, I was browsing online and found Willow-a two year old Manchester Terrier X- at Petfinder.

It was mid-August when Willow ended up as a stray in Pike's Peak Animal Shelter.  According to the report, the vet had tried to examine her, but was unable to due to her biting and nipping.  She was eventually placed into the hands of Mariah's Promise as "unadoptable."  When we arrived at Willow's foster home, we were met with TONS of affection and tail wagging excitement from this "unadoptable" dog.  It was love at first sight!

On the way home, she fell asleep almost  immediately-in my lap-and stayed there the entire 2 1/2 hr drive back.

It has been two weeks since then, and Willow has not only acclimated to her new home, she is flourishing!  Her and her sister (Cleo-an 8 yr old Italian Greyhound) romp and play all day long in their huge backyard.  She was already housebroken, and easily adapted to using the doggy door to come in and out at her leisure. She 'dances' for treats, and she has learned 'sit,' 'down,' 'off,' 'no,' and we are working on  'come.'

She is absolutely the sweetest dog in  the world! A total attention hog.  We feel so fortunate to have decided to let another dog into our lives.

As the years pass, and it is time for this "unadoptable" dog to go to doggie heaven, it will be difficult to be sure, but we will never regret opening our home and our hearts to give Willow a second chance.

Thank you Mariah's Promise for saving Willow, and for helping us find the perfect companion.  She will undoubtedly give us many years of love, happiness and joy.
In April of 2006 we were moving from Arizona to Colorado.  I contacted Toni of Mariah's Promise to let her know that we have a dominant 7 year old female and that we've been considering getting her a friend, but weren't sure how it would work out.  Our first week here in Colorado we visited Mariah's Promise hoping to find the perfect dog that could become a part of our family.  Dustin looked at Jake and out of all the other dog's he stood out the most his expression saying  "Take me, Take me... I promise to love you!".  We adopted Jake and our dominant female Kita decided she would give him a try too.  They are happy today and have become brother and sister.... Jake is submissive and just wants to love and chew on everyone... Kita has taught him how to swim in the rivers and how to play ball.

Thank you Toni for all that you do ... You are truly a blessing... taking care of all the angels GOD sent to us to watch over. 
Laura & Dustin
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If you adopted a dog from Mariah's Promise and would like to be shown on our Happy Tail pages, please email a photo of your dog along with a note to let us know how your adopted dog is doing.
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Chewie Hoy

June 2010
Chewie Hoy (whose Vietnamese name means 'I surrender') was a victim of Denver's BSL.  His mom, Kim, brought Chewie to Mariah's Promise until she could relocate outside Denver.  During Chewie's stay with us, he met a cute little girl named 'Victoria' ... When Kim came to take Chewie home, Victoria got to go too!!!  Victoria & her sister came from Kansas and roomed with Chewie.   Fast forward 5 years, here's how Victoria & Chewie are doing.

Thanks, Kim!!!  Always great to see how they are doing!!
Kody and Blizzard
This is an unusual Happy Tail, but one that's quite common at Mariah's Promise ... we often take court case dogs that await the outcome of the trial of their people.  These two lovely brothers, Kodiak & Blizzard, were JOYFULLY reunited with their family when their 'dad', Paul, was found NOT GUILTY of having 'dangerous dogs' ... PUP PUP HOORAY!!  Thanks and slobbers to The Animal Law Center in Wheatridge, CO!!!  YOU ROCK!!!!!"