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Animal Farm Foundation - To restore the image of the American Pit Bull Terrier and protect all dogs from discrimination and cruelty.
Animal Law Coalition  -- Laura's a good camper and she fights hard for animals.
"If you find yourself in Breckenridge, stop by 'For Pets' Sake Thrift Store, located downstairs at 203 N. Main St. Breckenridge.   All proceeds benefit homeless pets!  Sponsored by Animal Rescue of the Rockies."

Visit their website:

'For more information, contact Joy Reis, Art Director/Publisher - 719-963-3996
To learn more about
Denver's Breed Ban, visit
The MaxFund is a non-profit organization that was established in May of 1988 to provide medical care for injured pets with no known owners, and to seek out new homes for these animals once they have recovered. The MaxFund is a no-kill dog and cat shelter.

DAWGS of Texas
"There is one rescue grop in the Panhandle of Texas, DAWGS, that is near & dear to my heart.  They work with children AND dogs - what a perfect combination!!  They are teaching our future generations how to be responsible animal guardians!!  They have incredible dogs and puppies.  They house an average of 300 dogs that the school kids help with feeding, cleaning and loving them.  Check it out for yourselves!!  I LOVE Diane & Mark & their family for all they do - they went from school teacher and recruiter to dog rescuers overnight - because of out of the mouth of babes, changed their world and so did the animals'!!"

Blue Lion Animal Rescue, Old Dog House
Sindy Anderson & Pam Carr, who oversee The Old Dog House, have welcomed dogs over 10 years old into their home to live out their lives when they have lost their homes. There, they join others where they are well cared for and given the respect due our senior friends. The dogs at Blue Lion Animal Rescue have Lisa Kavanaugh to watch over them. Lisa's specialty is the giant breeds, specifically those dogs who are old(er), cranky, or have been sent by court order to live out their lives at the sanctuary. Both places have 35 acres for the dogs, they are in a home environment, all are shown love and respect.

Ugly Dawgs

To help with the care of these cranky dogs, Lisa created a card company called "Ugly Dawg," featuring her special girl, Zelda-Mae, a beatifully ugly Dogue de Bordeaux. Follow the link to see these funny cards and know that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of cards goes towards the dogs.
Our Rescue Partners and Links
A Note from Toni Phillips:
Truly, a No Kill Nation is within our reach if we all work together. 'Kill shelters' are often criticized because they do kill a large majority of animals that come in. WHERE DO THESE ANIMALS COME FROM? Society!! People who aren't responsible to spay and neuter their pets, people who breed for a wide variety of reasons ~ some want their children to experience the miracle of birth, others need extra money for vacation, purchases, some warped sub cultures breed dogs to fight, calling it 'sport'. The animals are exploited victims of our society and it will take our society to correct the problem with pet over population!! Shelters and rescue groups are out numbered and the need is so great for the animals to have a chance, please spay/neuter your pets, please cease indiscriminate breeding, please be responsible and make the lifetime commitment when you bring a pet into your home, just as you did when you child was born - you kept them the thick and thin of life, how much more these voiceless animals need our commitment to them! They don't ask to be born, they don't choose who takes them, they don't ask to be abused or neglected but through it all, the animals accept their fate in life the best they can. What choice do they have??
Pet Killing Apologists at PETA

From: Nathan J. Winograd
Date: Monday, December 15, 2008, 5:00 PM

In a recent issue of the Houston Chronicle, Daphna Nachminovitch of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) unfairly attacks me and essentially asks Houston to continue its decades-old policy of killing the vast majority of animals in its shelters ("No-kill shelters are no good"). For those who are not familiar with PETA, this may seem strange. After all, why would an organization who argues it is wrong to eat animals, experiment on animals, use animals for entertainment, or hunt them for sport, promote the killing of animals in U.S. shelters? But PETA does promote it and has for some time.   ~ Read More ~


One at a Time:
A Week in an American Animal Shelter
by Diane Leigh & Marilee Geyer
Over half the households in America include an animal companion. Yet behind this immense love of animals lies an equally immense tragedy: each year, community animal shelters take in eight to twelve million lost and unwanted dogs and cats who all face an uncertain fate.

One at a Time: A Week in an American Animal Shelter brings this issue vividly to life via a true account of seven days in a typical U.S. animal shelter. With compelling photos and moving vignettes, it chronicles the stories of 75 animals who passed through a northern California shelter during one week. Their gripping stories include excerpts from actual shelter records; the words of shelter workers, volunteers, and visitors; and the final conclusion of each animal's journey through the shelter system.

Visit their website for more information and to purchase this excellent book.
Outlaw Dogz
The Denver Dog Massacre is another fine documentary produced by Scrubdown Productions depicting and telling the horrors of dogs in Denver and their people who are victims of BSL. Many of the dogs pictured are from Mariah's Promise, including the cover dog, Lady, a purebred American Bulldog that Denver banned as a pit bull. Via Lobos is one of the largest Pit Bull rescues in the country. I greatly admire Tia for all she is doing to help misunderstood dogs and people with her prison programs. You ROCK, Tia! Thanks so much Mikey D for your heart and help to tell the story of our beloved bullys. Check this out - it's a great piece of work

Margo's Bark Root Beer

You may have heard about Margo's Bark Root Beer, the all natural cane sugar soda for humans which generates 100% of its profits for shelter dogs and rescue organizations. The root beer was invented by 8 year old Oscar Youd as part of his school science fair in 2008. He named it Margo's Bark after the family dog who had been rescued. Oscar and his family had so much fun, they decided to make the root beer commercially and see if they could help the cause of shelter dogs. A year later not only is the root beer finished - as of later this week it is available in Whole Foods in SoCal, NV, AZ and HI; in Bristol Farms throughout SoCal; and also in a number of boutique markets in Los Angeles.

Getting into Whole Foods and Bristol Farms is a big deal for Margo's Bark, and the initial weeks in store are a critical period for long term success of the product. Margo's Bark has donated to Evidence of Love, and  we'd love to see them succeed. If you get a chance, stop in to your local Whole Foods or Bristol Farms and buy a four pack or two.

For more on the Margo's Bark story, go to
Teller County Safe House

To those in Teller County, Colorado, please be aware of what these folks are working to accomplish right under our noses!!  Let's help them get people rescued from abusive situations!!  If there's any way you can help, PLEASE email and let them know! 

They offer for sale around Woodland Park an awesome magnet "Love Shouldn't Hurt" that's indeed true and a reminder ... From one who's been there. ~Toni

Horseback Online Magazine

Does Your Dog have a Story?

Give your dog a voice by sharing his/her story!

~Click Here for more information~

Another "Must Read":  Love Like a Dog

A brief intro from the Author, Anne Calcagno:

"Iím a fiction writer, and my love of pit bulls, AmStaffs, and large-breed rescues has inspired me to create this online Forum for telling and sharing true stories about how these wonderful dogs can positively transforms lives."

~Buy Now~

Plus check out the YouTube video
on the author's website,

Colorado Animal Rescue Express (C.A.R.E.)
Transporting Rescue Animals To Safety

C.A.R.E. is to arrange and provide safe transportation for domestic animals who are going to approved rescues and adoptive homes.  As Jake's Funds allow, C.A.R.E. will help with veterinary expenses, spay/neuter assistance, and food/supplies to shelter and rescue animals.