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Archived Newsletters
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Dear Family of Friends,

That is how we are feeling here lately -
THANKFUL. It's been a 'challenging' few months, recovering from surgery. I, Toni, am slowly gaining strength, stamina and weight ... taking it easy but getting there. Not back in the kennels yet. It will be a couple more months before I have better balance and strength to carry the dog food bucket around. Recovering from that surgery has been HARD!!! Mike has been AWESOME, taking care of the dogs after he puts in a 10-hr day. They get ALL excited when he pulls in the drive because they know he'll be out soon to feed them. They always did, but even more now.
The dogs are all happy. We have (32) now. Twelve are in the house, the balance in kennels. We are coming in to our colder months, so we have been stocking up on shavings, extra bedding, more dog food, more antlers and tarps. The high winds have trashed some tarps.

Phoenix is getting a metal roof over his kennel because some how he can reach the tarp and rip it.
Boo Phoenix!!

The dogs are all getting turkey wings for Thanksgiving. They LOVE them!! Yes, raw.
No cooked bones for dogs, ever!!
Phoenix came from Tool, TX. He is missing an eye, his teeth were filed down and he is an alleged 'bait dog'. Sweet boy, LOTS of energy.
We will be spending Thanksgiving day with Mike's mom in Boerne. I haven't seen her in MONTHS!! So it will be good to see and spend time with her. One of our favorite restaurants in town, the Chess Club, is gifting us with three turkey dinner meals to take down there. What a BLESSING!! Not up to doing any big cooking. The food at the Chess Club is made from scratch, generous portions and always YUMMY!! So excited and BLESSED that they thought of us!! Looking forward to pumpkin pie with my whipped cream ;o))
Oliver was abandoned as a pup on the streets of San Marcos in December 2013, along with his brother, Xander. Xander went to a home. Oliver remains with us due to his 'random' seizures. Sweet boy, loves everyone!
Trixie was a local owner release when her family could notprovide for her. Trixie had never been out of the small pen she was kept in. When we brought her home, she FROZE in fear. The dogs gathered round, told her it would be okay. A few days later, Trixie joined in and she loves everyone.
We are THANKFUL to all of you for your love, care, support and help. We could not do this without you!! Please, know how much we appreciate you!!

We pray you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
May you be surrounded with LOVE and PEACE!!   Hope you have a great week-end!! Those who are traveling, prayers for your safety.

Geez, Christmas is just around the corner!!

Blessings and slobbers to all!!

Mike, Toni and the Gang.